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ADA Permit Parking

Individuals who have the “Free Parking” yellow sticker accompanying a handicap placard issued by Michigan’s Secretary of State Office will be provided a complimentary parking and have access to all parking facilities at no charge.

Students who have registered for an on-campus parking permit (i.e., commuter, resident, and apartment permits) and have a valid handicap parking placard obtained from the Secretary of State office can park in any handicapped parking spot on campus inside a permitted lot, regardless of lot type. This applies only to the handicapped parking spots within the permit lots, and does not include handicap parking within the metered spaces or pay-in-lane lots. Individuals that wish to utilize the handicap metered or pay-in-lane spaces can do so but will need to pay the applicable rates

Students with questions on handicap parking or further information regarding ADA accommodation's, please visit:

Staff/Faculty with questions on handicap parking or further information on ADA accommodation's, please visit: