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Emeritus Permit


2018/2019 Permits will be available for sale on August 13th.

All permits are ONLINE Register ONLY. You will need to login with your EMICH login, the same way you log in to your EMICH email account.

You may only register the Parking Permit for which you are eligible.

A physical hang tag is not required with the new License Plate Recognition system. 

BEFORE YOU REGISTER, read the Permit Details so you know where you can park without being cited or towed.

Where can I park?

611 W. Cross Lot

Ann Street Lot

Bowen Lot

Bowman-Roosevelt Lot

Ford Lot A

Green Lot 1

Green Lot 2

Hoyt Lot

Mayhew Lot 1

Mayhew Lot 2

McKenny Staff Lot

Normal Street Lot

Oakwood Center Lot

Oakwood Lot North

Oakwood Lot South

Parking Structure

Pease Staff

Pease Staff Lot

Physical Plant Lot

Sill Lot

Student Center Lot

College of Business