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Extended Stay Winter Westview Permit


An Extended Stay Winter Westview Apartments Permit is available to students living in Westview Apartments.

Extended Stay Winter Westview Permits are valid from 1/1/2019 to 5/31/2019.

Holders of this Permit may ONLY park in the locations listed below under "Where can I park?".

All permits can be purchased online. You will need to login with your EMICH login, the same way you log in to your EMICH email account.

You may only purchase the Parking Permit for which you are eligible.

Once your purchase is completed, your license plate(s) will be valid in our system and you will be able to park in the proper designated lot.

Physical Hang Tags will no longer be required with our new License Plate Recognition system.

Where can I park?

Green Lot 1 

Green Lot 2 

Westview Lot