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Event Parking

Order Validations

For all event/validation requests for parking on campus, see the validation rate structure listed below for reference. 

Please include the following information in the message box and a customer service representative will follow up with you via phone or email to confirm your order and further instructions.

Requestor Name:


Event Date:

Pay Lot:

Validation Type:

# of Validations:

Validation Rate:

Delivery/Pick Up:

General Purpose Validations

  • The cost of these validations will be cost that the guest would pay if using the hourly parking rate at the time of validation purchase.
    • For example, if you purchased a validation today for 2 hours, it would cost you $3.00.
  • These validations will be sold in the following increments:

o 2 hours - $3

o 3 hours - $4.50

o 4 hours - $6

o 5 hours - $7.50

o 6 hours - $9

o 7 hours - $10.50

o Full day (at the price of 8 hours) - $12

  • No minimum purchase
  • These will be valid for one fiscal year (July 1st through June 30th)

Internal Events (organized by EMU and must be paid with using department Pcard)

  • 20 validation minimum per day
  • $3/day
  • Valid for 24 hours

External Events (not organized by EMU)

  • 20 validation minimum per day
  • $5/day
  • Valid for 24 hours

All deliveries require a 48 hour advance notice and all pick-up orders require a 24 hour advanced notice.

There are no refunds or exchanges for purchased validations

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If you've ordered validations and have received confirmation that your validation order account is ready, visit our payment website to pay for validations online.

Please note:

  • Internal event validations MUST be paid for in the office with a P-card.  Online payment is not available for these validations.
  • Validations will be ready for pick-up one business day after the order is placed.
  • Validations can be delivered two business days after the order is placed if requested.