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Appeal a Citation

If you are charged with violating the Parking/Traffic Ordinance of Eastern Michigan University, you may have your case reviewed for possible adjustments through our online appeals portalThe only citations that cannot be appealed online are those written for Handicap parking violations. Those can be appealed via email by sending a picture of a valid Handicap placard and your Driver's License to [email protected].

Once submitted, allow 2-3 business days for the Adjudicator to respond to the appeal. Appeals must be submitted within 14 days from when the citation was received.

If adjustments are not made and you wish to further appeal the citation, you must fill out and submit the court paperwork provided to you by the Adjudicator. 14A-2 District Court Traffic Bureau will contact you with a date and time to appear in court. Please note you have 14 days from the date you are sent the court paperwork to fill out and return the paperwork.  If you fail to return the paperwork within the 14 days your appeal will be denied. 

Please note if you have received a citation for “Parking in a Handicap Space,” you must have your case reviewed for possible adjustments at the ParkEMU office located at 1200 Oakwood.

If the violation becomes delinquent, a court citation may be issued to the registered owner of the vehicle and filled with the 14th District Court. The citation serves as a summons to command the initial appearance of the defendant, and a response from the defendant as to his or her responsibility for the alleged violation. (Authority Public A 291 of 1967, as amended.)