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Loading and Unloading

If you need to load or unload vehicles outside of a building or in a loading dock you will need to follow the following procedure:

If it is during ParkEMU office hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Call (734) 217-4892. Inform the Customer Service Representative where you need to park, and give them the description (including license plate) of your vehicle.  Please note that you can only receive up to 15 minutes of unloading time.

If it is after hours or on weekends:

Email [email protected] or call (734)217-4892 and leave a voicemail.  The time of the email or voicemail will act as the time stamp for the beginning of the 15 minutes.  In the email/voicemail please indicate your name, and where you are parking.  If you receive a citation you will then need to appeal the citation online here. As long as an email or voicemail is on record AND the citation is received in the 15 minutes after we receive the email or voicemail, we will void the citation. 

If you need extra time you will need to call back and update the person answering the phone. We can only grant one additional time period of 15 minutes.  If parking is needed for more than this amount of time you will need to call and organize parking with our office.  Any cars parked in the location after the agreed upon time duration are eligible for citation.