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Statement of Authority

Statement of Authority

This ordinance is enacted by the Board of Regents for Eastern Michigan University, pursuant to and in accordance with authority and responsibility of said board as provided in the Constitution of the State of Michigan, Act 300 of the Michigan Public Acts of 1949 (Michigan Vehicle Code) as amended, and Act 291 of the Public Acts of 1967, as amended.

Whenever the defendant fails to admit responsibility, deny responsibility, or admit responsibility with an explanation within 14 days of issuance of the violation, a default judgment is entered and a charge of $5 shall be assessed in addition to the fine set forth in the schedule herein.

In the event that a defendant is found to have violated these ordinances by a court of proper jurisdiction, the fine schedule provided in Section 7 shall be applied by such court as a minimum fine schedule. In the event of hardship, the court may suspend the minimum fine, or in the event such violation merits a fine greater than the minimum, the court may levy a greater fine not to exceed $25. In the event such defendant fails to appear in court and a warrant is issued, the court may levy additional fees in accordance with the regular authority and practice of the court.

Payment of fines is an obligation. It is considered the same as all other University financial obligations. University disciplinary action may revoke parking and driving privileges. Court action may be taken in cases of overdue violations in Public Act 291, P.A. 1967.

Provisions contained on this web page are subject to modifications and serve only as a guide to the University community. All signs take precedence over these provisions.