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Handicap Permit Parking

Individuals who have the “Free Parking” yellow sticker accompanying a handicap placard issued by Michigan’s Secretary of State Office will be provided complimentary parking and will be granted access to all paid lots via an access card at no charge. Click here for more information on the State of Michigan disability parking policies. 

Parkers who have purchased an on-campus parking permit and have a valid handicap parking placard obtained from the Secretary of State office can park in any handicapped parking spot on campus inside a permitted lot, regardless of lot type.  This applies only to the handicapped parking spots within the permit lots, and does not include handicap parking within the guest lot (unless the individual obtains an access card, described below). Individuals that wish to utilize the handicap guest lot spaces can do so but will need to pay the applicable rates.

The handicap placard must be visible for parking enforcement to see by either hanging the placard from the rearview mirror or by the identification on the license plate. 

Please Note: Staff, faculty and students will not have to register their state-issued handicap placard with ParkEMU or the University unless an additional guest lot access card is requested. Just hang the placard in your car or have handicap identification on your vehicle's license plate.

Additional Handicap Parking Accessibility:

Staff/faculty who have registered for an on-campus parking permit and have a valid handicap parking placard obtained from the Secretary of State office are eligible to receive a guest lot access card.

This access card will allow the permit holder complimentary parking access to the guest lot parking spaces. Access cards will be registered to the permit holder and the cards are non-transferable. The user will need to follow these steps to take advantage of this benefit: 

  1. Visit the ParkEMU office between 8am and 5pm on weekdays in the DPS building at 1200 Oakwood.
  2. Show their driver’s license and handicap placard for verification and filled out the Handicap Access Card Application.
  3. Receive an ADA parking access card.
  • The card is available immediately and designed to allow you free access to pay-in-lane lots for the duration of the parking permit. It is for the registered user only and is not transferable. The card can be used only in conjunction with the authorized vehicle(s) on your parking permit registration.
  • It does not auto-renew and the process to obtain it must be repeated to obtain another access card with any permit purchased after the current permit expires.

Staff and faculty with questions on handicap parking or further information on ADA accommodations, please click here.