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Violations and Penalties

A driver, owner or person to whom a car is registered who does not conform to regulations will receive a violation notice on the vehicle. Violation citations can be issued every 4 hours to illegally parked vehicles. Fines are specified on the violation citation and are in accordance with the following:

Violation Description

Parking in Restricted Zone

Not Parked Within Space

Parking in Reserved Parking

Illegal Exit

Prohibited Parking 2am-6am

Parking in Handicapped Zone

Traffic Hazard

Parked in Margin/Grass/Sidewalk

Parking in Violation of Time Restriction

Overtime Meter

Prohibited Parking

Illegal Entry

*Fine will include $3 administrative fee for processing.

There is a $5.00 escalation fee for 15 days unpaid and another $5 fee for 45 days unpaid.