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Vehicle Impoundment

When a vehicle is found to be in violation and where it is determined that there are 6 or more outstanding violation citations against the same vehicle, the vehicle may be impounded.

Such a vehicle shall not be released from impoundment until there is satisfactory evidence that all outstanding citations and other financial obligations related to the vehicle have been cleared with the ParkEMU or the District Court. 

Please contact ParkEMU if your vehicle has been impounded.


Arranging for Vehicle Release

  • FIRST, you must make full payment of all outstanding citations. You CANNOT pay for your citations at the impound lot, and your vehicle will not be released until you have paid. Citations must be paid through ParkEMU, and towing costs must be paid at the impound lot.
  • Once you have paid your fines, you MUST PRINT YOUR RECEIPT to show that all fines and fees are paid.
  • Once you have paid, bring the receipt to the EMU Department of Public Safety office at 1200 Oakwood to request a lien release on your vehicle. The Department of Public Safety will direct you on where to retrieve your vehicle.
  • Towing costs must be paid directly to the impound lot upon arrival. Only cash is accepted for impound towing fees.
  • Please bring your state-issued photo ID to the impound lot.