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Extended Stay Winter Brown/Munson Permit


An Extended Stay Winter Brown/Munson Apartments Permit is available to students living in Brown/Munson Housing.

Extended Stay Winter Brown/Munson Permits are valid from 1/1/2023 to 5/31/2023.

Holders of this Permit may ONLY park in the locations listed below under "Where can I park?".

Extended permits are intended for students who are planning on staying on campus past the end of April but are not staying past the end of May.

If you are registering for summer classes or living on campus through out the summer the extended permit is not the correct permit for you.  You will still need to purchase a standard winter permit and a summer permit (when they become available).

All permits are purchased online. Once your purchase is completed, your license plate(s) will be valid in our system and you will be able to park in the proper designated lot.

Physical Hang Tags are not required with our License Plate Recognition system.

Extended Stay Winter Brown/Munson Permits are non-refundable and non-transferable; only vehicles utilized by the permit holder may be registered to the permit.  Permits can not be shared.

Where can I park?

North Lot (cars must return to 24 hour lots by 2am)

Oakwood Lot (24 hours during structure closure)

Pine Grove Lot (24 hours during structure closure)

Science Complex Lot (cars must return to 24 hour lots by 2am)

Main Campus Parking Structure (closed until further notice)