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All parking on campus is allocated and signed for specific uses. A ParkEMU Hang Tag or paid hourly parking is required at all times, and parking regulations are enforced 24/7.

Hang Tags provide access to designated surface and garage parking, depending on the type if Hang Tag purchased. However, Hang Tag holders parked in designated surface lot hourly parking spaces and at single-space meters are required to pay the hourly rate.

It is the customer’s obligation to use the Hang Tag in accordance with parking rules and regulations. Parking Hang Tags may not be shared and are not transferable to another individual.

Please remember to remove the parking hang tag from the rearview mirror and secure it before moving your vehicle and when the vehicle is not parked in EMU parking facility.

A lost or stolen parking hang tag from an unsecured vehicle will not be replaced free of charge. You may purchase a new one at the ParkEMU office.

A stolen parking hang tag from a secured vehicle will be replaced at no charge only upon proof of theft, from a police report indicating evidence of forced entry.

A parking Hang Tag does not guarantee the holder a specific parking space. It provides the opportunity to park within an area designated for a specific permit type. Drivers are responsible for finding an authorized parking space. Lack of available space, inclement weather, or other conditions do not justify parking illegally.

The university is a 24/7 operation, and not every customer who purchases a permit parks on campus at the same time. As a result, there are always available parking spaces for the different permit options. Cutting off the sale of a parking permit to a customer who has a need for it becomes challenging to defend when there are empty spaces where the customer could park. 

  • Read all parking signs before you park.
  • Allow enough time to park and walk to your destination.
  • Remember the allotted amount of time when you are parked at a meter or in an hourly parking space.
  • If you forget your access hangtag or garage access keycard, you may park in visitor metered areas or paid parking lots by paying the hourly rate.
  • If your vehicle experiences mechanical difficulties and you are parked illegally, please contact ParkEMU to report the incident. Parking light flashers and notes on the dashboard do not authorize illegal parking.

The parking Hang Tag must be displayed from the front windshield´s rear view mirror mount whenever the vehicle is parked in a designated EMU Parking facility. Any other method of display is not considered proper. In such cases the Hang Tag will not be honored, and the individual will be responsible for the citation. Individuals who have convertibles (soft tops) or doors that do not lock, should request a parking sticker when purchasing their hang tag.

The parking system allows flexibility to move around campus, but this also means that at times you may not find parking in the exact location you prefer to park because the spaces for your permit designation are filled. There are consistently available surface parking spaces in Green Lot 1, Green Lot 2 (for Hang Tag holders) and the Student Center Paid Lot (for visitors).

There are many areas on campus where it might appear that a car would fit, when in fact it is not a legal parking space. We are required, for safety reasons, to maintain specific widths in drive aisles. Parking spaces are always designated with two painted lines on each side. If a car is parked in a space that has only one line or in an area marked with yellow hash marks or a large “X,” it is not a legal space, and a citation may be issued. For additional details, please view the parking map.